Coast Life Church is now, and will always serve the world through supporting missionaries, sending money and people to needy places, and supporting organizations that genuinely help people physically, and then lead them to Jesus.  It’s not enough to provide care for the needy if we don’t do it in Jesus’ name.  We are so glad to help anyone anywhere as long as the credit goes to the one who deserves it.  That’s how we serve the world!

Local Missions

Gulf Coast Women’s Center for Non Violence

Coast Life partners with the women’s center to help end domestic violence, provide safe shelter, food, clothing, personal needs, as well as counseling and support services.     gcwcfn.org


project homeless

Reaching the Homeless

We serve with the Open Doors Homeless Coalition during the Operation Homeless Connect Event to help provided material needs for those who find themselves without a home, as well as provide resources to help reduce and prevent homelessness on the Gulf Coast. You may sign up to serve directly through “their website


Addiction Recovery

We partner with Homes of Grace (Men’s home location - Vancleave, Women’s home location - Gautier) who serve in bringing hope to those who struggle with drug and alcohol addictions. This faith based program has helped thousands of men and women find freedom.   homeofgrace.org


Church Of The King, Katy Texas

Church Of The King is a new church in Katy Texas.  Even though we are a relatively young church ourselves, we still feel a huge responsibility to be a part of bringing other churches to life, both here on the coast and in other states and countries.


C3 on Campus

Cross Culture on Campus is a campus missionary endeavor which creates opportunity for students to live out their faith among their peers and to grow in… at high school campuses, in the Chapel Hill and Durham, NC area.  We have plans to bring their strategy to the coast, and are partnering with them now!



We partner with many ministries like Elijah’s Closet that are in our local community, both through financial support and volunteerism.

Global Missions


Freedom Firm

We are honored to support a ministry that works to Rescue minors who have been sold into the commercial sex trade in India, Restore their identities, and seek Justice against those who perpetrate these crimes.   freedom.firm.in


Impact Middle East

CLC partners with IME to empower national leaders to share the grace and truth of Jesus among the least reached and to establish creative, reproducing faith families in Jordan, Israel, North Africa, Iraq, and Egypt.    impactmiddleeast.org


Ferris International Ministries

Clem Ferris travels all over the world encouraging and empowering the church.  He goes to the places that we would go if we could, but we can’t, so we are happy to be a part of the team that provides for his family, and his travels.


One for Isreal

Reaching Israelis with the Gospel message and training up the next generation of leaders. Evangelism, theological training, and humanitarian aid.  oneforisrael.org