Coast Life Church Survey 2016 Synopsis


An online survey was conducted by Coast Life Church from August 22, 2016 through September 8, 2016. A link to the survey was sent electronically to 116 volunteers who provided their email addresses. The survey was anonymous and did not request any personally identifiable information. A total of 74 people responded to the survey, but only 71 completed the survey. The data for those who did not complete the survey were removed. To assess survey fatigue, one question asked participants to answer a question responding with a specific answer; six people answered incorrectly and that data was also removed from consideration. The data from 65 responses was used for analysis. The survey yielded a 56.03% useable response rate.


The majority of respondents (64.62%) have been attending Coast Life Church since it began. Approximately 80% of respondents attend church every week, and this percentage increases to 95% for those that attend at least three weeks in a month. Most respondents (93.85%) travel less than 30 minutes to church.

Life Groups

More than two thirds of the respondents are not part of a Life (small) group. Of this number, 43.48% indicate a willingness to join a Life group and 52.17% said “Maybe”. The most compelling reason (75%) given for selecting “maybe” as a response was “It depends on what day and time the group meets”.


More than half of the respondents already participate in some ministry in Coast Life Church. Nearly 50% indicated a willingness to support a church ministry within the next year. Of those that are currently supporting a church mission or ministry, 94.74% indicated they would definitely continue for the next year.

Missions and Activities

Among the top responses to supporting missions and activities, respondents indicated desires to donate food and/or work in a food pantry (71.43%); perform random acts of kindness (68.25%); serve meals at a soup kitchen (60.32%); collect and distribute clothing to the homeless (58.73%); provide meals and offering comfort to families with hospitalized children (55.56%); feeding the homeless (52.38%). Analysis by gender revealed no significant differences in responses with one exception; females were more likely to choose sewing, baking or making items to be donated or providing support and resources to women’s shelters.

Tasks of the Church

More than 70% of the respondents were extremely satisfied with the church’s ability of offering meaningful worship, helping members deepen their spiritual relationship with God, and encouraging people to love others as they love themselves. Opportunities for growth include providing Christian education programs for adults, engaging in more acts of charity for those in need, and participating in programs with other local religious groups. Analysis by gender revealed females were more likely to choose “Extremely Satisfied” compared to males about church communication, helping members in times of trouble, expressions of Christian stewardship, engaging in acts of charity and encouraging members to love others as themselves. Analysis by age group revealed no significant differences.

Church Organizational Characteristics

More than 80% of respondents perceive church activities are well publicized, members and groups get support and encouragement for trying new things, and helping others in times of trouble. Respondents support increasing the frequency, content and communication venues to help keep them informed, creating new developmental leadership opportunities, and providing connections to interfaith activities. Analysis by gender revealed females were more likely to choose “Extremely Satisfied” compared to males concerning being informed about church activities, getting support and encouragement, and discovering their spiritual gifts. Analysis by age group revealed Generation X and Millennials chose “Somewhat Disagree” to being informed about church activities. All other areas revealed no significant differences.

Church Identity

Respondents responded strongly (greater than 95%) to knowing why Coast Life is unique, what the church stands for, and that being at this church has made a positive difference in their spiritual life. Moreover, nearly 99% of respondents would invite friends to attend Coast Life. Respondents expressed a desire for the church to be more involved in the community and ministering to the needs of others. Analysis by gender and age group revealed no significant differences in responses.

Church Worship

More than 90% of the respondents state the worship service meets their expectations, the music enhances this experience, the atmosphere is excellent, and the length of the service is appropriate. Nearly 100% indicate the sermons are easy to understand, encourages spiritual growth, provides encouragement, are positive and uplifting. Analysis by gender or age group revealed no significant differences in responses.


The results of this survey suggest the respondents, regardless of gender or age group, strongly identify with Coast Life Church, and they find the worship most satisfying and fulfilling. To strengthen the ability to carry out tasks, every church must deal with certain organizational issues such as sharing information, and developing resources. The results indicate a slightly lower satisfaction with being kept informed, the availability of education programs, and engagement with the community. This suggests increasing communications content and frequency, perhaps through multiple venues, to convey important information to the members. Overall, the results paint a picture of a Church that possesses hope, confidence, resilience and optimism.