Coast Life Church
Love God, Love People, Serve the World

What Kind of Church is Coast Life Church?

Coast Life Church is a non-denominational church in Gulfport-Biloxi, MS.

How long has the church been around?

The church started on March 16, 2014 in DeWayne & Michelle Watson's  living room.

Who attends Coast Life Church?

 Coast Life is a church for everyone of every age, background, personality and creed.  We all wonder what a church is going to be like before we go.  It's intimidating, but it shouldn't be.  Your, your friends and your family will be at home at Coast Life Church.  We can make this promise because we know that Jesus wants you there, and wil make sure that we fit together.  It's not a club, not a company, and not some organization seeking it's own promotion and good.  CLC is great and growing family and body with 'you' shaped space.  We hope to help you find your place and space this Sunday!